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Our core belief centers on the transformative potential of storytelling, harnessing its ability to empower individuals and ignite meaningful action. Our deep understanding of workforce development objectives differentiates us from other agencies, and we pride ourselves on our proven track record in workforce outreach and communication.

Meet the team

We help organizations like yours tell your unique story.

With our diverse backgrounds and skills, we approach each project with enthusiasm, ensuring that we share your story in the most effective and engaging manner possible. We take pride in our award-winning work and are dedicated to helping your workforce organization thrive.

Brian Hernandez - Founder & Chief Storyteller of Phalanx Outreach Solutions

Founder & Chief Storyteller

20+ Years of Multiplatform Storytelling
& Workforce Development Experience

We Empower, Collaborate & Achieve Together!

We’ve presented storytelling best practices and insights at national and state workforce development conferences, gaining recognition for our content and campaigns. Additionally, our team has formed partnerships with workforce development and community organizations across the country, helping them craft and share their narratives.